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About us

Wouldn’t it be great to have a platform that brings event organisers and staff members in the UK together more easily, fairly and transparently than ever before?

If you are an event organiser, would you like the chance to select staff profiles that better suit your requirements?

If you are a staff member, wouldn't it help if you could choose your own working hours and pay scale?

Then welcome to Chooz - a new and pioneering marketplace that allows corporates and other event organisers to find and book staff for their events online in the UK!

How does Chooz benefit event staff?

For staff in the UK, Chooz offers freedom – the freedom to choose to say no or yes to events, the freedom to choose their pay, and the freedom to choose and manage their availability. As an online platform, Chooz takes matters of privacy very seriously. Staff profiles on our platform give just the right amount of information for customers to make their decisions. As a staff member, you can rest assured that we don’t display full names or any form of contact information until you confirm a booking.

How does Chooz benefit event organisers?

Chooz gives event organisers the chance to hire the perfect staff for their events without the burden of restrictive costs and terms imposed by agencies. Our platform also allows the flexibility for event organisers in the UK to filter results depending on the type of event they are hosting; results are searchable by exhibitions and congresses, restaurants, night clubs, product demonstrations, sports events, concerts, and more at every price point. Other filters can further narrow down the results.

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CHOOZ Peace of Mind

CHOOZ is in business to give freedom and control to event organisers and the staff they hire. It is the first and only staff-finding service in the hospitality sector that puts the interests of staff first. Our “Framework for Fairness” ensures that staff and clients operate with transparency and openness, in a professional and collaborative manner. This is unique in the events-staffing industry.


CHOOZ will never knowingly put staff in a position that makes them feel afraid, uncomfortable, or vulnerable.
CHOOZ’s Review facility ensures honest feedback is recorded and logged after every engagement.
A whistleblower facility is available that allows staff to report any inappropriate behaviour in total confidence.
When staff are engaged by event organisers, both parties will sign an undertaking that they will behave in a professional and respectful manner. If either party feels the other has deviated from this, the complaints procedure ensures a full and fair investigation.
Any complaints received from any party will be investigated immediately, with a fair resolution being the desired outcome.
All staff are in control of how much they are paid. There are no hidden charges. Pay is fully compliant with UK tax and social security requirements.

CHOOZ: On Your Side to Create Great Events

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