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How it works?

CHOOZ offers freedom – the freedom to say no or yes to events, the freedom to choose your pay, and the freedom to manage your availability. CHOOZ takes matters of privacy very seriously. Staff profiles give just the right amount of information for customers to make their decisions. As a staff member, you can rest assured that we don’t display full names or any form of contact information until you confirm a booking.

Staff post their hourly rate, photos, and a brief description. Once selected, the event organisers sees your full details. You are then paid the rate agreed and work the hours specified, all documented in an employment agreement that protects you. You are in complete control of your pay, hours, and work.

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Registration is a simple process that will only take a few moments. You’ll simply have to enter some basic information and validate your email address and phone number.

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Complete your profile

Upload some pictures and a video

In order to make your profile more competitive, make sure you upload good photos of yourself, as well as a video. A minimum of 3 pictures is required, but the video is completely optional. Check out our recommended guidelines for photos and videos here.

Set your hourly rate

The hourly rate you charge is completely up to you. Although you will not be allowed to enter an amount below the current minimum wage.

Manage your availability

You can set and manage your availability for the next 6 months. All dates in your calendar will be blocked by default, so you’ll have to unblock the dates you are free to work.

Don’t forget to validate your mobile phone number!

This helps us ensure all users are verified. Your profile will not be made public to companies and event organisers until you validate your number.

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Accept your booking requests

Once your profile is validated and publicly available, you will be eligible to receive booking requests from customers. You will receive an email and a text message to notify you about every new request. You are given 24 hours to accept or decline the job request before it automatically expires.

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Get paid!

How customers pay: Chooz handles all payments on your behalf. You will never have to deal directly with money. Chooz collects the amount for you before the event takes place.

How you get paid: Chooz holds the payment for you and transfers it to the third-party employer, Sapphire, who will pay you. Sapphire will release the money to you via bank transfer by a maximum of 15 days after your job completion.

Remember that payments must always take place via our site. If someone offers to pay for your booking outside our on-site payment system, it to us! Read more about the implications of being paid outside our platform here.

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Check out your reviews!

Customers will submit an overall star rating and a set of category ratings. You’ll be able to view your ratings on your My Profile page.

Customers can give ratings about you based on:

  • Punctuality: Did you arrive on time?
  • Hospitality: Were you proactive, helpful, friendly, and approachable?
  • Communication: How well did you communicate with the customer before and during the event?
  • Presentation: Were you appropriately dressed and presentable in accordance with the customer’s instructions?
  • Profile/Reality match: How accurately did your profile page represent you in reality?
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